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About AfroNed

The post-war situation in Sierra Leone and its general impact on children is a cause for concern for most people, especially Sierra Leoneans living within and those living abroad. The country is gripped by poverty, and the lack of prospects for the future has become a day to day struggle for a large number of people. The lucky few that have escaped such situations within the country now live in the USA, UK and the Netherlands, forming strong communities in the Diaspora.

However, while they experience the safety and higher standard of living that their new homes could offer, they uphold a clash in their minds as they think of the relatives and friends that are left back in Sierra Leone. This has been the situation for the pioneer of AfroNed, Binta Jalloh, and the basis that led her to organize a group of friends, philanthropists, who came together to set up the organization on the 20th of December 2006. The goal and focus of Binta is to help especially children in her home country to get better lives for the future.

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Our Goal

The main focus of AfroNed is to improve the educational system for children in the Koinadugu District by renovating old schools and building new ones to fit both local and national standards.

The Charity

AfroNed is a charitable organisation, founded in 2006 by Binta Jalloh. Binta came to the Netherlands in 1990 and is very motivated to help in the reconstruction and social development of her home country..

How you can help

AfroNed Foundation relied to the support and contribution of donors everyone who is interested in our goals. You can help us by making a financial donation or volunteering

Coba Junction Project finilised!

‘Our’ school in Coba Junction is almost completed. It just needs some finishing (painting walls, evening out floors, putting doors in, etc.). We’re grateful towards the people of Coba Junction and our team of volunteers for their hard work, and we’re hoping to go there in March/April to open the school officially. For more photos, visit our Facebook page. In order for us to be able to finance the furnishings and the school uniforms, donations are still more than welcome. Click here to see our bank details. Thank you so much!

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