Foronaya Primary School Project

This School was officially opened on January 2010

Foronaya is a village about 22 km to the north-east of Kabala. It has approximately 170 inhabitants, more than 50 of whom are children aged between four and twelve years old. When we visited Foronaya in January 2008, its primary school resided in a small hut – basically just a roof of palm leaves supported by wooden sticks. This hut did not offer sufficient space for all children. Also, all pupils, no matter what age, were in the same space following the same lesson, which obviously did not contribute to the level of their education.

In 2008 there was a sponsor-run organized which brought up an unbelievable amount of € 22.286,05!

The building of the school has begun and took approximately 1 year. In 2009 Lorentzschool organized another sponsor-run and donated to AfroNed € 16.015,56 an amount for which we were able to round up and complete the building of the school. Bigger part of this donation is being used for the teachers’ salaries.

The new primary school in Foronaya was officially opened on January 2nd ,2010. It has five classrooms, a teachers’ office and a storage place. Behind the school is a small building with three lavatories.

Currently, five teachers are employed at the school in Foronaya. The enrolment in February 2011 listed 171 pupils (91 girls and 80 boys).
We have agreed to support “our” school for the coming three years, i.e. we are responsible for the teachers’ salaries, school uniforms and any maintenance that needs to be done on the building.

At this moment, the school is officially recognized by the governmental institutions of Sierra Leone. We expect we will be able to hand over the responsibility for this school to the Sierra Leonean government in due time