Heremakono primary school project

Heremakono Primary School Project

We have received an urgent appeal from the town chief and elders of Heremakono to help them build a school. Heremakono is a village about 11 km from Kabala. It has approximately 4,000 inhabitants; more than 500 of them are children aged between four and twelve years.

Until now, the only school in Heremakono is a two-classroom building. As a result, pupils of different ages and levels of education are sharing one classroom. Obviously, this does not help the quality and efficiency of teaching.

Given the urgency of the situation, we have decided to comply with the request of the people of Heremakono. With the help of our funding, they have started building their new school.

Our team members in Sierra Leone have let us know that the people of Heremakono are working very hard. We will have to work just as hard to keep up with them and make sure there is enough funds!

The new school in Heremakono will accommodate six classrooms and a teachers’ office. In addition, there will be a separate building with four toilets. We will upload some photos of the building site as soon as we have received them.

Apart from building materials, the budget for this project also includes teachers’ salaries for the period of three years, school uniforms for all the pupils and maintenance costs during the three years when the new school will be AfroNed’s responsibility. In total we need € 46.000,- to make the dream of the people of Heremakono come true. Any help with raising the required amount is more than welcome!

At this time there are two main sponsors of this project: NCDO and the Zandvlietcollege in Den Haag.