Background History

Background information about Afroned -

Sierra Leone

AfroNed is a charitable organization founded in 2006 by Binta Jalloh. Binta came to The Netherlands since 1990 and is keen to help develop her home country which was left devastated and deeply impoverished after a 10-year civil war.
What began as a privately-funded enterprise shipping clothes, toys and school furniture to Sierra Leone has now grown into a small organization officially registered in both The Netherlands and Sierra Leone.
We are a small team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers based in The Netherlands as well as Sierra Leone. Having our roots in both countries, we are ideally positioned to communicate and work with their respective inhabitants, raising awareness and funds in The Netherlands and cooperating closely with the people of Sierra Leone to fulfill their needs when it comes to rebuilding their country.
AfroNed believes the children of Sierra Leone can play a major part in shaping the future of their home country. Children, after all, are a country’s future leaders and decision-makers. This is why we focus our activities on improving the conditions children live in, particularly their education.